The issues surrounding the use of IT equipment and systems in your organization doesn’t end once you’ve selected the correct equipment or system and installed it correctly. Your staff may need IT training to enhance their skill in performing the tasks expected of them.

You may also need to be aware of the HR, management and legal issues around IT. For example, you likely need to decide what constitutes acceptable use of your IT, social media and communication devices and communicate this to your staff.

At Maverick Creative Solutions We offer a wide range of IT enterprise best practices based on your organization needs.

We understand that any company that invests in employee development is investing in their own success. By providing ongoing training for your employees, you are creating a workplace that is adaptive, flexible, and ready for change.

Technology has widely changed hence organization has to transform with it. Our IT best practices training focuses on your staff to be more confident and comfortable using IT system and infrastructure. This also promotes

Companies spends millions when investing for right equipment but without proper handling of such equipment this can affect your company and employee.

Misuse of IT system and devices may lead your company to being exposed to multiple threat. For instance, the use of office internet. Internet plays a big role in business but if misused especially in work environment it can traffic malwares to your system as well as destroying your equipment.

Our study explains how training employees offers win-win advantages to employees and employers alike.

This training helps businesses improve office operations, security, and productivity while maximizing the value of business. Integrating best practices into your business can be a difficult process but doing so comes with great savings on time and money, plus additional benefits like

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Intentional innovation
  • Cutting down operational cost
  • Improving communication flow within departments

Our Training core subject focuses on taking value out of the services in reducing the risk of

  • Overspending
  • Overrunning deadlines
  • Unhappy staff
  • Security risk

Our training program covers all the necessary IT skill that also includes an IT policy that has to be implemented to help your staff understand how to use IT effectively as well as explaining rules regarding inappropriately use of company resources. Our Training catalogue explained below

Technology Hardware Purchasing Policy

Policy for Getting Software

Policy for Use of Software

Bring Your Own Device Policy

Information Technology Security Policy

Information Technology Administration Policy

Website Policy

Social media policy

Electronic Transactions Policy

IT Service Agreements Policy

Safe browsing